The world of modern telecommunication services is rife with potential and advancement, but only when backed up by hours of hard work and research by industry professionals. This sentiment is often true when it comes to VoIP phone systems, with professionals learning through trial and error to create a product that is as versatile as it is cost-effective. Making the transition to an IP phone system is a smart choice that can provide numerous benefits to your company over the years, but making the change may involve a few road bumps along the way.

DVS Technologies is here to serve as your source for VoIP phone systems out of Las Vegas, delivering comprehensive security, voice, and data solutions nationwide to provide all of the services and support you need to take your business to the next level. Our next-generation approach strives to optimize your operations as much as possible, which is why today’s blog will look at a few cursory tips that may prove helpful in implementing your new business phone systems.

Allow Time for Implementations

Creating a timeline for your IP telephony system can be challenging. It’s important to build in a little wiggle room to allow for changes and unplanned issues. Even with an experienced VoIP company such as DVS Technologies, small hiccups can create setbacks and pauses, which can ultimately hurt your original timeline.

Get Your Teams on Board

Utilizing an internet phone service over traditional methods will likely be a big change for your company, with equipment upgrades, protocol changes, and traffic succession plans in place to adapt to your unique operations. One smart tactic that can start everyone off on the right foot is to get your team leaders on board for the implementation. Big changes start from the top down, and it pays to get your big hitters in the loop so that they can gain the knowledge and experience necessary to offer support and on the ground solutions within their own departments. Businesses have utilized a variety of different approaches to optimize success, such as involving your leaders in the development team to have them fully engaged through each step of the process. These leaders can then train their subordinates, saving you a lot of time and energy when training each individual while also accounting for technical issues.

Simplify Your Training

Introducing a new business phone system, such as one of our quality Mitel phones, will require consistent training for a large body of your employees. It may help to create a clear-cut training program that will help to deliver workers the essential information needed to set up and operate their new IP phone system. If your employees will be in charge of installing their own equipment, it can also prove beneficial to create a training document or pamphlet that clearly labels how to install the phone and cables step by step. DVS Technologies has excelled in telecommunication services since 1982, and our experts can help you to develop a simplified training program!

New and foreign technology can create a lot of stress and anxiety for employees, making it vital to ease into your VoIP transition. Ambushing your workers on Monday morning with headsets and a new communication system may induce panic! Numerous companies have found success with introducing their new phone technology in the months and weeks leading up to a new VoIP deployment. Setting up an IP phone system in the break room, for example, can give employees the chance to become familiar with the equipment before using it for the daily grind.

Hybrid Equipment When Needed

While our internet phone services aim to provide comprehensive support for your daily operations, in some cases, a basic analog phone system may be the most economical choice. Businesses may be able to save money when they decide to install low-cost handsets in places where an IP phone is not needed. Areas that do not require IP telephony, such as hospital rooms or loading docks, can make do with more affordable phone equipment. When you look at the higher cost of a quality IP phone, it’s easy to see how this economical tactic can drastically affect the budget.

When it comes to making a mass deployment of new IP phones at your company, it pays to take the time to do your research and prepare for any potential shortcomings or setbacks. Next time, we’ll continue this subject by looking at a few more tips that may help in your implementation. If you’re in need of a quality VoIP provider, DVS Technologies is proud to provide the best VoIP phone systems out of Las Vegas. Contact us today to see how we can improve your operations!