The Automotive industry is hyper-competitive and demands VOIP solutions that meet every mission-critical objective with absolute precision. 1 lost call can add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. 1 unhappy customer can lead to bad reviews and Social Media whip-lash.

DVS Technologies has extensive experience providing VOIP solutions that enable Car Dealers to fine-tune and simplify the user experience which reduces lost and dropped calls and callers being passed around from place to place. Close attention to the workflow in your dealership is closely observed and best practices are developed and applied to all points in your VOIP solutions so callers get to where they need to be quickly and connected to the right person the first time.

DVS Technologies will provide your BDC with tools to manage and maintain proper staffing levels and can integrate your VOIP phone system with CRM systems letting technology reduce the workload. Integration with Social Media enables your BDC to communicate with customers on their terms and respond to posts quickly.

Your VOIP phone system then provides management with reports, statistics, monitoring, recording, and analytics to further strengthen the overall performance of your dealership and helps you to compete.

Your VOIP phone system is the most critical tool, it connects you to your customers. DVS Technologies will design solutions that provide redundancy for critical operations to ensure your customers can always reach you even in worst-case outage scenarios.