Enterprise VOIP Solutions

DVS Technologies provides VOIP and Unified Communications solutions by Mitel, the only manufacturer in the industry with a legacy of more than 40 years developing technology that delivers peace of mind and un-compromised quality that your business depends on.

Voice is the only thing Mitel does. Investing in a Mitel VOIP solution eliminates the risk that exists in other manufactures that eventually drop product lines and reduce R&D budgets.

Redundant, Virtualized, Network Agnostic, and Scalable to 60,000 VOIP phones, Mitel Enterprise Solutions from DVS Technologies means improved performance, uptime, and simplified system management. This equates to spending less time and money managing your system so you can focus on other important projects!

DVS Technologies will guide your team through an extensive Discovery & Design process that will result in a smooth and seamless deployment. A new communications system should be intuitive to use and result in a high rate of user adoption of new features and VOIP applications. We deliver this high standard of perfection with a team of highly experienced Mitel experts trained in every aspect of Mitel’s product portfolio.

Spend time exploring why DVS technologies deliver more than just a VOIP phone that rings!

How Our Enterprise Solution Stacks Up

Take the DVS challenge and let us show you how Mitel stacks up against other major players in the industry. Integration with other voice and data systems, superior performance, and a Guaranteed Total Cost of Ownership are yours for the taking.

Spend some time and talk to our customers. See what they’re saying about their experience with other systems and their experience with DVS Technologies & Mitel!

Costs of an Enterprise VOIP Solution

Your new communications system might include hardware such as servers or controllers or you may choose to eliminate the hardware and run your system as a Virtual Machine. In either case, the most significant portion of the investment is in the software and VOIP phones.

DVS Technologies protects your investment by ensuring all software is always up to date and applications are running smoothly. Years after your purchase you’ll have further investment protection by automatically having the most current software that customers are buying new at that time. Eventually, you may decide to change VOIP phone types and models. Take comfort in knowing that all your software will remain intact and never require purchasing new software to support new VOIP phones. You’ll never need to replace a Mitel system!

DVS Technologies enhances this investment protection by providing one of the industries only Guaranteed Total Cost of Ownership support models. We raised the bar by providing an all-inclusive support program that is easiest explained by what it doesn’t cover; Buying more stuff! We then provide a guaranteed discount structure on future purchases.