Premise VOIP Phone Systems from DVS Technologies are manufactured by Mitel, providing the most feature rich Unified Communications solutions in the industry; past-present-and future.

The open architecture of the MiVoice Business and the MiVoice Office means you’ll protect your initial investment by seamlessly migrating your Mitel Premise VOIP system into the cloud whenever you’re ready for it. The right design for you might be Premise, or a Hybrid VOIP solution consisting of Premise plus Virtual, Premise plus Hosted, or any combination of deployment methods.

When DVS Technologies deploys a Premise VOIP Phone System, it comes with 24x7x365 monitoring, warranty, system management, automatic upgrades and patches, everything you need to not bog down your staff.

Your Mitel Premise VOIP Phone System can also be Redundant. No outages here, always available to your users 24x7x365.

On-Premise VOIP Phone System vs Hosted VOIP Phone System

Many premise clients have a lot of questions about the differences, advantages, and drawbacks from using on-premise versus hosted VOIP solutions. At DVS Technologies we work to ensure that our clients clearly understand the benefits of these systems to determine the best options for their organization. When we work with our clients we help you determine the cost, expansion, and other considerations, we go through an in-depth Business Review to fully understand all points that surround your business and youre communications needs. All the considerations are laid out, in easy to understand formats, helping to make it possible for you to compare Hosted and Premise VOIP Phone Systems, ultimately driving your final decision.

Costs for Premise VOIP Phone System

Cost is often one of the largest factors in determining a Unified Communications solution for your business. The initial purchase price of a system is only the beginning, but not at DVS Technologies. We provide a Guaranteed Total Cost of Ownership including purchasing your new VOIP Phone System, maintenance, upgrades, warranty, system administration, and monthly costs for phone service such as PRI’s and SIP trunks. You’ll finally be able to accurately budget and put a stop to random and increasing charges. You’ll also have a guaranteed discount structure for future add-ons providing more cost controls.

  • Guaranteed TCO controls costs
  • Lower overall cost compared to Hosted
  • SIP trunks eliminate LD costs and provide fail over
  • Full Design and implementation or assist your team
  • Training for staff and Sys Admins on features and best practices

Be your own Hosted Voice provider

Host a MiVoice Business Premise VOIP Phone System within your network or co-located in a Data Center. Save money and eliminate the never ending monthly charges you pay for each hosted VOIP phone and deliver more robust features than found in traditional Hosted VOIP solutions.

Don’t want the headache of managing, upgrading, and maintaining a voice solution? No problem! DVS Technologies provides a Private-Hosted VOIP solution and maintains it for you as if it were our Hosted solution. You’ll never be faced with costly upgrades, maintenance windows, or even system administration. Our team of experts is available 24x7x365 monitoring the health of your system and managing your users. All you have to do is sit back and save!