Communications is critical in every medical facility and hospital. Not only can lives be at stake, patients want a simple and effective way to talk with their medical professionals.

DVS Technologies has years of experience developing VOIP phone system solutions that assist medical facilities and their staff deal with the pressures of increased workload and often times, reduced staff. Nurse stations and MA’s tend to be the dumping ground for phone calls and while juggling patients, prescriptions, questions, and everything else, the last thing they need to be is tethered to a phone!

Your new VOIP phone system will provide automated functions to help your patients connect with the right staff member in a manner that is expedited for the caller yet user-friendly for the staff. Deploying mobile devices and other wireless options are excellent tools that can help your staff meet the demands of the practice. Centralization and leveraging under-utilized resources can also help deliver a positive patient experience.

Ensuring compliance is a never-ending task for medical professionals and DVS Technologies knows how to navigate these sensitive concerns while reducing Voice & Data expenses. All systems running at optimum performance is simply a must-have in your medical practice, there is little if any tolerance for hickups let alone downtime. Our team understands this critical environment and leverages past experience to design a solution that meets your objectives, controls costs, and helps you to deliver excellent patient care!