Get the benefits of VOIP

IP Business Phone Service uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and our state-of-the-art network

  • Lower your monthly voice and data costs
  • Free Long Distance within the United States
  • Free automatic failover so your customers can always get through even if you lose power
  • Scale your phone service up or turn up new locations within hours not weeks.
  • IP Business Phone Service is available as Analog Lines, PRI, or direct SIP to your new or existing phone system.
  • 4 digit dialing and flexible call routing between offices and remote workers even if you have different phone systems between locations.
  • Connects reliably to your existing fax devices using T.38

Voice and Data Share a Circuit

Thanks to the rapid growth and strengthening of the internet over recent years IP Business phone service from DVS Technologies can now share a single internet connection for both voice and data. When there are no active voice calls, all of your bandwidth is avaliable for data. Active toll quality calls only consume about 90k and lowers to about 40k using compression. Even the smallest internet connections can support a large number of voice calls!

For larger organizations, our managed service gives voice traffic quaranteed QOS and will always take priority over other data traffic.
Multiple data connections provide redundancy against a single service failure and various router / carrier methods can be deployed to add more redundancy for your business.

You’re One Step Closer to a Hosted PBX System

IP Business Phone Service puts you 1 step closer to replacing your aging phone system. When you’re ready, just plug in phones!

Already have a Hosted PBX solution? Improve reliability, Add new features, lower costs, and give your business an upgrade! Re-use your exisitng phones on our network, most models are compatible.

An End-to-End Secure and Reliable Phone Service Solution from DVS Technologies, the best voice experts in the business!

  • We deliver this high-quality, reliable IP Business Phone Service from a fully Geo-Redundant managed network to ensure your service is always up.
  • Built on Metaswitch, the world leader in softswitch technology and used by most major carriers world-wide.

Carrier Services

If our IP Business Phone Service is not the right fit for your business, if you need traditional PRI’s, MPLS, Fiber, Cable, EoC or other carrier services, or maybe you just want to reduce your currrent costs, no worries! As a National Aggregator we’ll leverage our wholesale position and provide quotes for services at reduced rates from multiple carriers so you can decide what’s best for your business. Pick and chose services that best suit your needs, not someones quota!

Get Started today in 3 easy Steps!

Step 1: Email a copy of your phone and internet bills directly to your DVS account manager or Sales@DVST.Com.
Step 2: We’lll perform a free comprehensive audit of your current services and show you a side by side pricing comparison of our IP Business Phone Service.
Step 3: Fill out a few simple forms and let the team at DVS Technologies remind you what customer service is supposed to be like!