Improve customer retention, set more appointments, manage outbound campaigns to deliver customer follow-up calls to idle agents. In other words- Turbocharge your Contact Center with DVS Technologies and out-perform your competition!

Your VOIP phone system is your business, if it’s down, you can’t deliver your services. Email and fax just won’t suffice if your Contact Center phone system isn’t fully functional.

Call Flow Discovery is different with our team of specialists, we have years of experience designing solutions that create a positive caller experience and eliminate dead-end traps that exist in most Call Centers. Extensive reporting and analysis of every aspect of your Contact Center are at the core of every solution.

Instant alerts to changing conditions in your Contact Center enables your supervisors to respond quickly and avoid declining service levels. In-depth analysis of caller and agent data, scheduling, forecasting, and adherence empower managers to run an efficient operation.

Multi-Media Contact Center options allow Social Media integration, Chat, SMS, and email routing to connect with your agents just like phone calls. Reporting and statistics can then provide a complete analysis of all forms of media enabling your Contact Center to provide customers a positive experience.

Costs for Contact Centers

The VOIP phone system in your contact center is likely to be the single largest expense outside of payroll and overhead. It’s also the most crucial piece of technology that directly affects the success or the hardships your Contact Center will face.

DVS Technologies will provide consultation to understand your environment and objectives. Our team will then provide recommendations that will include Hosted VOIP solutions, Premise VOIP solutions, and sometimes a mixture of both. The proper assignment of features and capacity will produce a recommendation that meets budget objectives without sacrificing quality or functionality.

With aggressive rates and years of experience, your VOIP Contact Center Solution will provide years of reliable service and control costs.