Your small business needs telephone services that are reliable, affordable, and ultimately help your business thrive and grow. DVS Technology small business voice and data solutions are a great choice for your organization. You’ll receive the same top quality products, experience, and service as our enterprise clients, frequently at a lower cost than what you are currently paying.

With our small business solutions, calls will have excellent quality and reliability without the unnecessary costs of traditional phone services. In addition to telephone services, we offer data services that can help your small business be on the cutting edge of technology without a significant cost. For small businesses our team will help you to determine your need to today and potential future need, and give clear answers on how to best service this need and the costs associated.

Data and Security

Our VOIP Services will ensure that your customers can always reach you. Our Data and Security solutions will ensure you’ll be able to take care of them.

The backbone of it all is your Data Network; Switches, Router, & Firewall. Sized right and configured for optimal performance your Data Network enables your servers and workstations to provide users with a trouble-free work day. Monitored, patched, backed up, and proactively maintained keeps them healthy. Protecting everything with the best security solutions guards your systems and data against un-necessary losses, intrusion, theft, and attacks.

How Our Small Business Solution Stacks Up

Compared to the most popular PBX solutions for small businesses, DVS Technology offers unparalleled reliability at a lower cost than traditional or hosted solutions. Our experienced small business voice solutions team can help you to configure and manage your system, leaving you more time to run and grow your business. By leading with service you are sure to notice that as our client we go above and beyond, with a commitment to you and your business not available from other companies. It is this commitment that has made us a leader in small business voice and data solutions.

Costs for Small Business Voice & Data

Cost is often one of the largest factors in determining a PBX solution for your organization. A system often involves buying hardware, such as a server, and IP phones. Some of the other cost considerations include:

  • Monthly cost after expenses are covered
  • Ability to SIP trunk to get lower cost calls
  • Absence of license fees with open source system
  • Training and feature assignment costs

There are often higher initial installation, setup, and maintenance costs, but these are generally offset by the lower monthly and ongoing costs after a relatively short period of time. DVS Technology makes small business PBX solutions easy to understand, install and manage. Contact us to see why so many small business clients choose us as a solutions provider.