Cyber Security

Analyzing traffic entering your network helps guard against intruders getting inside your network. By stopping most threats at the door and keeping them outside your business, you can have peace of mind that your information is safe and secure with our cyber security solutions. Cyber attacks are on the rise and the cost to your business can be crippling if proper measures are not in place to prevent exposure.

DVS Technologies understands there’s no room for error when it comes to securing your data. We deploy Security solutions from the best names in the business; Sonicwall, Cisco, and Mikrotik.

Securing the perimeter is the first step. Preventing malware and viruses from getting into your servers, PCs, and mobile devices is the next step. Following suit with the best hardware manufacturers, we help you select an AV strategy that’s properly designed and deployed for your environment. Bitdefender and Microsoft are the best in class and provide solid protection, ease of deployment, and simplified management. Through our proactive monitoring of your environment, DVS Technologies will ensure that all devices are always up to date and properly protected.

Virus Protection, Firewall Protection and Spyware Removal

Privacy and Security Analysis
Virus Removal and Repair
Spyware Removal, Prevention, and Education
Firewall Configurations
Disaster Recovery and Prevention

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