Data Networking

Data network infrastructure is often complex and overwhelming. This ensures that customers will spend more and depend more on their data provider for technical support. DVS Technologies breaks that model by providing solutions tailored to your business that deliver high performance without the high costs.

Your data network consists of switches, router, WiFi, and firewall, all of which are the backbone of all things concerning Internet Protocol (IP). Sized correctly and configured for optimal performance, your data network enables your servers and workstations to provide users with a trouble-free workday.

Combining Data and VOIP

DVS Technologies ensures that all applications on your network run smoothly. VoIP phone systems, email, and web browsers all need something different, even if they all eventually wind up on the internet. Most issues with poor VoIP phone system sound quality are due to improper configurations and/or inadequate equipment.

Managed Services

We monitor your servers and workstations and fix issues before they become a serious problem. Your servers and workstations are patched and backed up automatically, ensuring they’re ready for users every day when they sit down to work.

IT Consulting

Network Strategy
Security Assessments
Virtualization Design and Implementation
Computer Upgrade Services and Migrations
Remote Computing Options
Cost Analysis
Hardware and Software Procurement

Managed IT Services

Server and PC Management
IT Help Desk
IT On-Site Support and Emergency Response
IT Client Portal
IT Strategy
Virtualization Server Backup

Servers and PCs

Server Installation and Administration
Evaluation of Network Environment
Internet Connectivity and Security
Wireless Networking Solutions
Router/Switch Installation
Network Wiring
Windows and Security Updates
Program Updates
Data Storage and Backup Solutions
Spyware Detection and Removal
Scan Disks and Virus Scans
MS Exchange
Training and Tutoring
Computer Repair

Onsite Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Software and Hardware Installation
Memory Upgrades
Operating System Installation and Upgrades
Automated Backup Systems
Printers, Scanners, Cameras Installation and Configuration

Technical Services

Complete Technical Support
Network Administration
Desktop Computer Support