Today’s modern technology has helped to make business operations more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. The world has never been smaller, with advances such as online business phone systems helping to give businesses of all sizes more control over how they communicate with customers and employees. If your company is in the process of switching over to a quality VoIP provider, congrats! Internet protocol (IP) phone systems provide a comprehensive, affordable approach for businesses of all industries, delivering cost-effective telecommunication services that are convenient and versatile. As a provider of data, voice, and security solutions to enterprises nationwide, DVS Technologies is here to serve as your source for the best in internet phone services, providing the best Mitel phone systems, security, and comprehensive support to ensure that your operations are up and running at full efficiency.

We’re proud to provide the best VoIP phone systems in Las Vegas and beyond, delivering the best results to ensure an optimal outcome for your company. While our on-site and hosted VoIP services are built to provide the best system that is scalable for your business, making the switching over to internet telephony is not a seamless process. Today, we’ll continue to discuss a few considerations that should be taken care of before switching to VoIP phones. If you are still looking for the best voice and data solutions in the industry, be sure to contact our professionals for assistance today!

More Equipment Needs

As a business, it’s important to continue your normal operations once you’ve made the switch to internet phone services. Your fax machine, for example, traditionally relies on a dial tone before dialing the number of its location. When you are sending faxes through a private branch exchange (PBX), errors can develop. It pays to work with a professional provider of VoIP phone systems to ensure a smooth transition, and finding a team that can adapt your old equipment into a modern workplace will make the entire process much easier.

Being able to interface your old tech with modern gear such as one of our quality Mitel phones will require a piece of equipment such as an analog telephone adapter (ATA). ATAs are handy in connecting your traditional analog devices (telephones, fax machines) to your new IP network. ATAs typically have at least one foreign exchange station (FXS) telephone port to ensure a working connection between your old and new technologies. These telephone adapters can also provide caller ID, dial tones, signaling, and more services to your landline.

Current Network Abilities

One serious consideration for businesses considering the upgrade to online telecommunication services is the fact VoIP phone systems require a high-speed broadband network with a lot of bandwidth. If your current service provider supplies slow or congested network abilities, the quality of your voice calls and other IP tasks can be dramatically affected.

It is also important to ensure that your network is able to communicate effectively with the public phone network. SIP trunking, for example, is the method that regulates your Session Initial Protocol (SIP) and converts your multimedia elements such as video and voice to allow for online communication for all of your services. This approach can eliminate your need for a traditional phone line entirely. If you are hosting your IP-PBX on the premises, it’s important to find a SIP trunking provider to allow for communications between modern and traditional phone services. Hosted PBX systems from quality VoIP providers such as DVS Technologies will have this service handled for you off-site.

Security Concerns

Your router and firewall combination needs to be configured correctly to allow for the correct NAT access. This decision can change for each company, making it valuable to work with your IP provider for the best results.

Disaster Protocols

If the power goes out, or if you lose your internet, your business will be unable to communicate with clients and coworkers. It’s essential to have a backup plan in place in case of the worst, which is where our internet and data solutions can come in handy!

Setting Call Locations

Your new phone system may rely on auto-attendants to direct traffic as necessary, but be mindful of the setup when rolling out your new phone lines. The last thing you want is for your customers to be automatically routed to a dead end!

Making the switch to IP telephony can provide dramatic improvements to your business, but only if the transformation is completed correctly. DVS Technologies is here to serve as your source for the best VoIP phone systems in Las Vegas, delivering quality solutions to businesses across the country. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services and quality Mitel phones!