Every year, it seems that technology is improving at an exponential rate. Time leads to better equipment and more reliable gear to improve your work functions. If you are on this page because your company has decided to make the move to VoIP to act as your internet phone service, congratulations! Implementing VoIP technology for your business phone systems can provide a convenient, affordable solution for all of your business’ communication needs. When making the move to IP phone systems, it’s important to find a vendor that is able to provide the comprehensive service needed to keep a company online and in control at all times. DVS Technologies is proud to provide the best VoIP phone systems in Las Vegas, working nationally to guide businesses into the future of telecommunications. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for voice, security, and data solutions, and rely on the best technology and years of experience to meet the needs of your business.

While a great choice for the life of your business, making the move to VoIP can come with some possible obstacles. Be sure to consider a few of the following aspects of a complete install before the big day arrives. If you need assistance at any stage of the move, or have not found a quality VoIP provider yet, be sure to contact DVS Technologies to learn about the value of our services!

Hosting Choices

As our previous blogs have pointed out, how you decide to host your internet phone service will play a major role in the setup and implementation process. Generally, businesses choose between:

  • Cloud-hosted VoIP. As the name suggests, this VoIP service hosts all of your telecommunication services via the web. Hosted solutions are ideal for many companies because the system is easy to set up, fairly easy to maintain, and requires less expenditure to get up and running. Any disruptions or failures you encounter will be in the hands of your VoIP provider.
  • On-premise systems. This approach focuses on larger enterprises that have the finances and manpower to deploy and train their own IT team for development and maintenance. If you have a large corporation to oversee, a premise solution would be ideal. PBX systems are more costly up front, but the long-term savings over the years can add up.

Equipment Considerations

Several key components will be required during the use of your new VoIP system. Without proper planning and the proper bandwidth, your company can face a tough time in trying to streamline the new system and new business practices, burning valuable time and money in the process. DVS Technologies is here to help you through every stage of your internet phone service, from the initial consultation to the long-term maintenance and upgrades involved in continuing operations.

Business Phone Systems

When making the move, you will need to procure the required number of IP phone systems. Our telecommunications company specializes in providing Mitel Phones, delivering a comprehensive system that keeps your team in sync at all times. Regardless of whether you use our Mitel Phone system or another brand, it’s essential to ensure that the new phones can run compatibly with softswitch equipment managing call transfers or PBX devices from an on-site device. It’s important to research the versatility of your business phones before purchasing; it’s helpful to have a business phone system that can work with multiple systems or providers in case you decide to change directions down the road.

If your company is working with softphone technology and will not be using any device except their work desktop, headsets will be needed in the stead of phones. Businesses often face a transition period here, as it takes time to adapt to a united communications device. Enterprises that choose to use physical products such as Mitel Phones will also require power to operate, whether via a standard wall outlet or power over ethernet (POE). Connecting your phone to the network will require an ethernet connection through the computer or through its own dataport. Remember that all of this smaller equipment will add to the total costs of your VoIP implementation.

When it comes to implementing an IP phone system for your place of business, it’s important to remember that a lot of different factors need to be considered in order to complete an expedient and cost-effective deployment. Every business is different, requiring a unique blend of goods and services to meet the perfect balance between quality and value. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by discussing more equipment required during setup in addition to considerations with your current network. If you are looking for high-quality VoIP systems in Las Vegas or nationwide, DVS Technologies can help. We’re confident that we have the voice and data solutions that your company needs to make that jump to the next level. Contact us today to see what our telecommunication company can do for you!